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For support on job posts, the recruiter dashboard or payments:

  • Email us at support@covjobs.co.uk


We will endeavour to get back to all enquiries within forty-eight hours, but usually much sooner.

For candidates looking for a job, tweet us at @JobsCov. We do not reply to candidate support emails.

Guide to Posting a Job

This guide assumes you have already signed up for an account. If not, click Register in the top-right corner and fill out the fields with your details.


Browse to the For Recruiters > Post a Job section of the website.

Description Field

Describe the job you are posting. This might include your requirements, the type of tasks involved in the job, your ideal candidate and so forth.

Stay relevant to the job you are posting – this is not the place for lengthy statements on being an equal rights employer, but we do expect you to not discriminate against candidates based on race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

Application email/URL Field

An email address for candidates to reach out to you, or alternatively a URL to more information on the post opportunity. If you wish for candidates to send their CV to this email address, specify so at the end of the Description field.
URLs to applications belong in the External “Apply for Job” link field, not here.

Header Image Field

The header image is designed to display a long photograph above your job listing. This could be of your business premises, teamwork environment, etc.
The image size should be at least 1750 pixels by 425 pixels, and is optional.

Once you have filled in all the applicable fields, click Preview at the bottom of the page to view what your job posting will look like to potential candidates.

You can then click Edit listing at the top of the page to make changes, or Pay for listing to proceed to the transaction page.

Payments on our website are processed by our partner, Stripe, whose Payment Terms can be found at stripe.com/payment-terms/legal. For payment related enquiries, please email us at support@covjobs.co.uk.

Payments are usually processed instantaneously, and once received your job posting will be reviewed by our team before it is made public on the website. If we spot changes that need to be made to the post, we will contact you before making it public.